Thursday, October 04, 2012

If I Would Have Tried, It Wouldn't Have Happened

The weird thing about the web is, nothing happens if we try.

Only when our guard is down, when our intentions are neutral and when we’re operating out of our purest, most instinctual nature, do we see the greatest results.

Last year, I wrote my manifesto.

I’ve never worked harder on anything in my life. From researching to drafting to writing to editing to marketing, the amount of sweat that went into that project dwarfed anything I’d done before.

And when it was done, I couldn’t have been prouder. The project challenged my creativity as a human, exploded my growth as a writer and reconnected me to my idealistic roots that had long since been buried under the burden of business obligations.

Good for me, I thought.

So I decided to publish it.

Not for money. Not for attention. Not to prove anything. And not to make my way to the top of some bullshit bestseller list.

Just because.

And to my delight, the manifesto blew up. It gained tons of traction, got insane amounts of traffic and even won a few awards. Apparently, more than any other book, speech, video or interview I’d published in the past, there was something about this particular piece of work that hit a nerve.

Which is interesting to me.

Because if I would have tried, it wouldn’t have happened.