Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Digital Used To Be A Thing, Now It Flows Through All Things

My from POKE said it best:

“Digital used to be a thing, now it flows through all things.”

Every product is a media experience, every idea has interactivity built into it, every business is an online business, every company is a technology company, every website is a broadcast platform, every blog is a distribution channel, every brand is a media concern, every phone is a computer, every customer is a reporter, every program is an app and every device has a web connection.

The implications of this trend are massive, from the shift in the balance of power to the elimination of barriers to entry to the criminally low cost of doing business.

But what excites me most about the digital revolution is, is that for those of us who know how to talk to people with our mouths, for those of us who remember why it matters to show up in person, for those of us who build things with our hands that people can touch, and for those of us who are endowed with human interaction as their superpower, analog is more important than ever.

Face to face isn’t making a comeback, it’s already here.