Friday, October 12, 2012

Client Service? Try a Little Amnesia

If you can help the client forget she’s a client, everybody wins.

Try a few of these.

Instead of applying your rigid methodology, just sit down, look people in the eye ask them what they want to do, and what would make them happy.

Instead of bludgeoning people with facts and theories, just talk like people talk, listen as loudly as you can, and remember that they’re human just like you.

Instead of breathing deep sighs that make people feel like an inconvenience, make the daily chore of being a client more fun.

Instead of trying to minimize call time, hold a contest to see who can interact with clients on the phone for the longest duration.

Instead of waiting for permission to warm up to each other, just cut the crap and connect on a personal level that’s unrelated to business.

Client service? Try a little amnesia.