Friday, September 07, 2012

No Such Thing As A Right Decision

Sometimes what starts as a dream finishes as a nightmare.

We take a job, buy a house, start a relationship or make an investment because it seems like a smart decision at the time. Based on the truth as we know it, we do what we think is best for us.

Until five years go by. The world changes, our world changes, and something we once pursued so passionately now feels like a monkey on our back.

So we curse and kick and berate ourselves for being so naive. What the hell were we thinking? How could we have been so incredibly blind?

And that’s when we have to learn to pause. To stop being so hard on ourselves and recognize that there’s no such thing as a wrong decision. In fact, there’s no such thing as a right decision either. Stupid, yes. Wrong or right, no.

It’s just a decision. We make millions of them in our lifetime. And all of them matter. 

They’re not wrong. They’re not right. They just are.

Every endeavor – dream, nightmare or otherwise – is a crucial part of the life experience. Just because something ends badly doesn’t mean we never should have started in the first place.

Nothing is ever wasted.

Even if it makes us bleed, it still makes us who we are.