Thursday, September 13, 2012

How Sold Are You On Your Own Brand?

The first sale is the one I make to myself.

Before I make the call, meet the client, give the pitch, show my wares and ask for the order, my chief weapon is the convincing of myself. The internal monologue that inspires me, down to my bones, to believe in who I am and the value I deliver.

And it’s not just the first sale, it’s also the hardest and the most important one. But we can close that sale consistently if we keeping asking ourselves one question:

How sold am I on my own brand?

If we don’t think what we’re selling is the greatest thing that ever was, we’re finished. If we don’t think our work matters in a massive way, we’re toast. And if we don’t think our ideas are going to change people’s lives forever, we’re done.

I met a guy last week who had just changed sales jobs. When I asked what prompted the move, he said it’s because he no longer believed in the company he worked for. They weren’t bad people or anything, he just outgrew their mission and was ready to move on. And he didn’t want to stay any longer because it wouldn’t have been fair to the organization. 

So he got a new gig working for himself, a brand that Mark had no trouble believing in. And when I asked how the new job was going, it’s no surprise that his sales numbers were through the roof.

Because he was sold on his own brand. And he kept making that sale, every day.

Sell and resell yourself on you, and the customer will buy and rebuy from you.