Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How Does Your Product Help People Meet Each Other?

Access to information is free, but access to each other is priceless.

In a connection economy, if companies want to win loyalty beyond reason, they ought to create apps that help people meet each other, not just make them a less bored on the subway. They ought to create products that help people become better at something they care about, not just help them bookmark something cool.

Humans are creatures who want to count. They are driven by the desire to create, connect and contribute. If organizations want to remain relevant and profitable, the secret is simple.

First, create a place, either online, offline or both, where humans get to talk with one another, in our their voices, about what matters to them. Second, market around people’s interests, not just around what they buy. And third, try actually caring about those people, all the time.

See what happens.