Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Truth Vs. History

As much as we seek consistency, there are parts of us that are always changing.

What we thought was a cherished value was just a preference that was too convenient to be killed. What we thought was a limitation was just an illusion about what we can and can’t do. What we thought was a perfect future was just an outdated plan that had no relationship with reality. And what we thought was an essential part of our identity was just some idea we made up a long time ago.
We are one constant re-beginning. And as human beings, it’s our responsibility to keep that margin open. Otherwise, in the name of sticking to our guns, we shoot ourselves in the foot. We live a lie in perpetuity instead of appearing wrong once and moving on.

In a way, the consistency is still there. It’s just a matter of what we’re consistent with.

The truth, or our history?