Monday, August 06, 2012

Creating a Holy Shit Moment

The goal is to create a holy shit moment.

An interaction so soaked in wow, that people can’t help but tell the world.

Try making an intentional point of over delivery. When customers ask you for an arm and a leg, hand them a hacksaw.

Try responding promptly, not just when you can. When customers send you a message, get back to them instantly and watch what happens.

Try stalking just enough to learn what they love. When customers show up, give them a personalized gift you couldn’t possibly have known about.

Try invoking something obscure. When customers come back, mention something from their last visit they barely remember.

Trying memorializing their brand. When customers get your email, demonstrate a valid reason for your persistence with a value forward attachment.

The more holy shit moments we create, the more money we make.