Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Attract an Outpouring of Affirmation from All Angles

The decision to play a bigger game changes us.

First, it modifies what matters. We let go of what kept us small. We surrender what kept us comfortable. We walk away from what we assumed was important. And we blow up what would otherwise box us in.

Next, it shifts our posture. We start to operate from a possiblitarian mentality. We engage the muscle of yes. We give ourselves permission to pursue broader venues. And we widen the horizon of what’s attainable.

Then, it opens new artistic vistas. We start to live larger than our labels. We aren’t afraid to have an imagination. We get in touch with the purest part of our creative selves. And we expand our role repertoire.

Later, it invites support. We somehow gain the resources we need. We notice opportunities previously overlooked. We align with new people who are playing a similar game. And we attract an outpouring of affirmation from all angles. 

And all we did was decide.