Thursday, July 26, 2012

When Will The Web Overturn Your Profession?

Not unlike travel agencies, record stores, post offices, encyclopedias, newspapers, movie rentals, yellow pages, television, bill paying, book publishing, photography, pornography, video games, terrestrial radio, real estate and journalism, there’s no reason to think your industry won’t be completely flipped on its head too.

But if you help the industry make contact with the future, if you skate to the where the puck is going to be, you might be able to pivot enough to save yourself.

Netflix, by virtue of its very brand, showed the world that their model was the future. Forget about going to the video store, their flicks stream through the net. The name says it all. No wonder their company made money so quickly. No wonder their company disrupted the movie rental and cable industries forever. Instead of marketing without outdated language, Netflix embedded words into their branding that painted a picture of what could be.

If you want to apply the same thinking to your organization, train your staff to turn feedback into inspiration. Seek out complaints. Embrace anger. Document what your users, employees, customers, vendors and colleagues are telling you. They will tell you how to serve them better. They will tell you how to ride the digital wave to a better future.

Without that kind of listening platform, the web is going to overturn your profession too.

It’s only a matter of time.