Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's So Easy to Make People Happy

We can never take away someone's joy.

If doing something fills somebody's spirit, captures her imagination and makes her feel useful and important -- and isn't negatively affecting the world -- than we have no right to stand in their way. We have no right to block their path of joy.

To do so insults their heart's desire and robs them of their humanity.

If somebody wants to spend four days preparing an elaborate meal for the entire family, let them. If somebody wants to brag about you in front of their friends, let them. If somebody wants to parade you around the room just so everyone can see the glow you bring to the world, let them.

We all have to learn how to receive. To greet people's gifts with a welcoming heart and a thankful posture, remembering how easy it is to make most people happy. And to accept people's generosity with a humble spirit and a respectful stance, remembering how beautiful it is when they have joy in their lives.