Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Heroic Dose of Humility

The draw of social media is automatic listenership.

Which makes sense, considering people are lonely and want to be listened to. And when they can scratch that itch for free, instantly and everywhere, it’s hard to resist.

But the number of followers, friends and subscribers you have doesn’t necessarily mean people are listening. This calls for a heroic dose of humility.

Do people actually care about your feelings, or is it just simulated compassion? Do people actually dig your work, or did they just friend you so you would reciprocate back to them? Do people actually take an interest in your lives, or are you just a random number in another faceless, fake relationship? And do people actually want to connect with you, or are you just the next stop on their transcontinental digital pissing contest?

You may never know. And that’s the hard part about the social media world. Sometimes it feels like you’re winking in the dark.

All you can hope is that your work, the ambition that fuels it and the audience who consumes it is enough to make money, make a difference and meet your quota of usefulness.

Just something to think about before you publish your next tweet.