Saturday, June 30, 2012

Unless It Costs Us Something, It's Not Worth Anything

Everybody wants the scar, but nobody wants the scab.

We’re too impatient to wait, too accustomed to instant gratification and too seduced by our something-for-nothing culture. That’s why we seek shortcuts to boost our numbers, trick people into buying from us and, eventually, get what we want without actually putting in our time. Because we can.

Why bleed for what we want when we can buy what we don’t need?

I’ll tell you why.

Unless it costs us something, it’s not worth anything.

In any endeavor, there is no hope for easy conquest. It has to be something we work for. Something that burns a few calories and puts a few hairs on our chest. Only on the sacrificial field, only through the harsh and revealing light of adversity, do we truly do our most meaningful work.

We have to be willing to bleed for it.