Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just Because We’re Young Doesn’t Mean We’re Useless

Being young is no excuse for not delivering value.

What we lack in experience we make up in enthusiasm, by being the most energizing one around. What we lack in certainty we make up in curiosity, by asking the most disturbing questions around. What we lack in wisdom we make up in perspective, by making the best observations around. What we lack in velocity we make up in flexibility, by being the most patient one around. What we lack in knowledge we make up in savvyness, by being the most digitally proficient one around. And what we lack in history we make up in courage, by taking the most risks around.

This simple shift in posture is the smartest, easier and cheapest way to show the world we’re here to contribute, age notwithstanding.

Just because we’re young, doesn’t mean we’re useless.