Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are You Pursuing Wholeness Or Perfection?

The real beauty is when we can be ugly together.

When we can join each other in a safe space of honesty and imperfection and give voice to the darkest, most perverse sides of ourselves. Somewhere we can set shame aside and let vulnerability meet vulgarity, without the fear of being judged.

We might do coffee with friends. Have dinner club with colleagues. Share at storytelling open mic nights. Attend quarterly meetup groups. Write weekly letters to family members or post on online message boards with digital pals.

All are good options.

The point is, it’s less important where, how or with whom we do it – and more important that we do it. Regularly. Because without this emotional release, without this outlet for our most primitive hostilities and human tendencies, we fail to acknowledge, appease and articulate our shadow.

If we don’t go crazy, we might go crazy.

The goal is to pursue wholeness, not perfection. To admit that, despite our best efforts to keep our hands clean, humans can’t hide their hideousness forever. To decide that, eventually, the ugly has to come out. And to believe that, when we’re willing to share what’s most appalling about our lives, we’re always better because of it.