Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Today, I'm starting a global movement. I need your help. This is me asking you for a favor.

Today, I am releasing eight new books on Kindle.

All digital. All daily devotionals. And the best part is, all books are $0.00 for Prime Members for the first five days, then $0.99 after that.

Why? I'm starting a global movement. And I need your help...

Help me prove that thinkers don't need permission to do so.
Help me show which of the mainstream hoops aren’t worth jumping through.
Help me lead the charge to risk our faces and step across the lines of artistic safety.
Help me reject the invisible jury who no longer needs to stamp our creative passport.
Help me make a global statement about the state of the mainstream publishing industry.
Help me end the shipping of easy, predictable safe work that appeases our corporate masters.


1. Please download each of the new books to your Kindle, IPhone, IPad, for zero dollars. Here is the link. If you don't have access to a digital reader, the PDF versions are below. If you don't see all 8 books on Amazon yet, they will be there this week. I'm on it.

2. Please personally email one friend -- who digs this kind of thinking -- and infect them with this movement. Feel free to use my words in this email, or add your own!

3. Please share my press release on whatever social media outlets matter to you. Here is the headline, link and sample tweets/announcements:
Liberated Author Releases 8 Books in One Day, Flips the Digital Bird to the Mainstream Publishing Industry http://bit.ly/ISHrlK

Today, @nametagscott releases 8 new books on Kindle. All daily devotionals! http://bit.ly/ISHrlK

@nametagscott flips the digital bird to the mainstream publishing industry! http://bit.ly/ISHrlK

Join my friend @nametagscott in a global movement to stop editing yourself. http://bit.ly/ISHrlK

...thanks for your help!

NOTICE: If you are having trouble with Amazon, here are free, downloadable versions of the eight books...

You're Not There To Answer Their Questions 
And Other Thoughts On Making Yourself More Hireable 

Winking In The Dark 
The End of Anonymity As We Know It

How Commitment Changes Everything

Playing For Keeps
A Young Artist's Guide to Going Pro Without Going Broke

One Smoking Hot Piece of Brain Candy
Beguiling Success By Building A Beautiful Mind

Hire Yourself
Burn Your Resume and Build a Career That Counts

Friendly Costs Nothing, But Changes Everything
The Profitability of Treating People Like People

Consistency Is Far Better Than Rare Moments of Greatness
Living Life Without Editing Yourself

Will you join me in this movement?

* * * *
Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
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