Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Scott Ginsberg's Digital Devotional Series, Book 1: Consistency Is Far Better Than Rare Moments Of Greatness

It’s hard to be inconsistent and win.

Especially now. 

People know more, see more, remember more and repeat more – than ever before. Everything matters. Everybody’s watching. Everything’s a performance. Privacy is so last century. And when you lack consistency, when your onstage performance doesn’t align with your backstage reality, people see through you like bottle of water.

Which doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. You are human, after all.

But that’s what I’ve learned after four thousand days of wearing a nametag, all day, every day, even at the beach and in the shower. Do something once – that’s a treat. Do something twice – that’s a trend. But do something every single day for a decade, and that’s a triumph. 

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