Friday, April 27, 2012

The Youth Advantage

In my work, I’ve always been the youngest person in the room.

Partly because I started right out of college, partly because of the nature of the industry, and partly because I’m just an old soul.

And for the longest time, I made the mistake of viewing my youth as a handicap. I assumed nobody would listen, or if they did, nobody would take me seriously. And as a result of that attitude, they didn’t. By making it an issue, I gave them permission to make it an issue.

But as it turns out, being young is a tremendous advantage.

We bring enthusiasm to kindle the energy of those around us. We bring perspective to broaden the thinking of those around us. We bring courage to inspire the confidence of those around us. We bring digital nativity to democratize the technology of those around us. We bring social networks to expand the connections between those around us. And we bring creativity to spark the playfulness of those around us.

What we lack in certainty we make up in curiosity, by asking the most disturbing questions around. What we lack in velocity we make up in flexibility, by being the most patient one around. What we lack in knowledge we make up in savvyness, by being the most digitally proficient one around. And what we lack in history we make up in courage, by taking the most risks around.

This simple shift in posture is the smartest, easier and cheapest way to show the world you’re here to contribute, age notwithstanding.

Just because you’re young, doesn’t mean you’re useless.

Focus on that, and people will stop asking how old you are.

Is it the years or the mileage?

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