Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Wow Gap

Wow is the distance between expectation and experience.

And the bigger we make that gap, the bigger impact we have.

In the service world, when our interactions are over the top for no good reason, when we deliver so much wow that clients have no choice but to tell their friends, people love us forever. Even if it’s as simple as sending a text message to someone who took the time to reach out, our immediate response can overwhelm someone to the point of shock.

I recently commissioned an illustrator named Jose to do a series of nametag cartoons for me. Considering I was only paying him five bucks apiece, I didn’t expect much. History taught me that we get what we pay for.

Except for when we don’t.

The work Jose delivered was so unbelievable, so unexpected – and so criminally inexpensive when you consider the gap between experience and expectation – I not only showed his work to everyone I know, not only hired him for a series of future projects, but I also sent him a substantial gratuity check.


Are you growing the gap between expectation and experience?

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