Monday, April 23, 2012

Would You Rather Be Honest or Right?

It takes courage to follow our convictions.

But it takes character to reevaluate them.

The problem is, our brains have this motivational drive to reduce inconsistency whenever possible. When given the choice between flexibility and certainty, between looking stupid and looking right, our egos will always choose the latter.

We’d rather stick to our guns, even if we shoot ourselves in the foot. We’d rather stand our ground, even if we step on other people’s toes. Because none of us wants to admit that what we bled for, what we believed in and what we held so dear for so long, was completely wrong.

So we follow our convictions.

We stay together with a lover who manipulates us, trapped at the end of a dead romance. We stay employed by a company that abuses us, indentured to a dysfunctional system. We stay obsessed with an idea that destroys us, deluded by an outdated dream.

And then we congratulate ourselves for being courageous.

But that’s not courage – that’s just consistency.

In those moments when the truth isn’t what we need it to be, we owe it to ourselves – and to the people we love – to follow a different path. Even if we look wrong along the way.

Better to be honest with ourselves than right about ourselves.

What convictions do you need to let go of?

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