Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Freedom Advantage

When we work for someone else, the question that rules our world is:

"Who's going to let me?"

When we work for ourselves, the question that rules our world is:

"Who's going to stop me?"

That's the draw. That's the biggest advantage to self-employment. That's why forty-one million people in this country work for themselves.

It's not a financial thing -- it's a freedom thing.

Freedom in a physical sense, meaning we can do whatever we want, wherever we want, with whomever we want, whenever we want, for as long as we want.

Freedom in a mental sense, meaning we can empty our mind of all the pointless,
bureaucratic noise that blocks our ability to thrive and execute what matters.

Freedom in a creative sense, meaning we can give ourselves permission to test out all those crazy, stupid, irrational ideas without somebody jailing our spirit.

Freedom in a vocational sense, meaning we can focus our efforts on doing the few things that we do better than anyone and outsource or eliminate the rest.

Freedom in a spiritual sense, meaning we can align our actions with our higher purpose and do great work that validates our existence on a daily basis.

And make no mistake: When we go out on our own and take the road less traveled, it's no walk in the park. None of us can escape the inevitable self-motivation, self-doubt and self-isolation that comes with the territory of hiring yourself.

But to have the freedom to stop wondering "Who's going to stop me?" and start asking, "Who's going to let me?" is well worth the cost.

What have you declined this week?

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