Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why Do I Resent Your Success?

Every time I read an article about someone in my field doing something amazing, my heart always ends up in conflict with itself.

The fundamentally affirmative part of me encourages people’s success to inspire my own productivity:

Good for you. Right on, man. I am genuinely delighted for your success, thrilled by your accomplishments and fueled by your energy. In fact, I’m going to use your life as a glowing source of inspiration for my own. Because if you can do it, I can do it too. This is awesome. Where’s my notebook?

Meanwhile, the resentful part of me downgrades people’s accomplishments to justify their level of success:

You son of a bitch. You’re not as talented as I am. You don’t work as hard as I do. You haven’t been around as long as I have. You don’t deserve it as much as I do. You can’t do it as well as I can. You don’t even want it as badly as I do. What about me? When is it going to be my time? This is bullshit. Where’s my gun?”

Ah, the joys of being human.

How do you respond to other people's success?

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