Tuesday, March 06, 2012

How Much Humanity is Embedded in Your Work?

All work is fundamentally human.

And when we identify the universal experience of what we do, master the deeper humanity behind our work and embed that spirit into the whole of our job, we truly have the greatest impact.

As a writer, publisher, performer and consultant, I’ve worked with hundreds of organizations worldwide, small and large, from lunch ladies to funeral directors to pharmacies to landscapers. And every time I spend a day or two at their offices, I learn something new about the humanity of work. I learn what these people really do.

Recruiters, headhunters and staffing professionals enable the explosion of human potential. Nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals give oxygen to people’s souls by allowing the dignity of self-definition. Company and organizational leaders connect the duty of today with the dream of tomorrow.

That’s what they really do.

Relocation specialists and moving companies unpack the contents of the human heart. Anti-virus software companies preserve the inalienable right of digital freedom. And insurance companies help people live their lives free from fear every day.

That’s what they really do.

Coffee shops create a familiar, daily refuge for people seeking an act of peace in a moment of chaos. House painters enable the expression of individual humanity. And professional networks and industry associations build a network of human healing.

That’s what they really do.

And that’s exactly why their customers, employees, patients, members, users and readers love them forever.

It’s the humanity embedded in their work.

Sell that, and it won’t matter how bad the economy is.

What is the human side of your work?

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