Saturday, March 10, 2012

Riding a Bicycle Downhill Doesn't Mean Your Legs Are Strong

Recessions force us to decide if we’re a necessity.

That’s a painful conversation to have.

Nobody enjoys entertaining the prospect of irrelevancy.

But when the shit hits the economic fan, we owe it to ourselves – and to our enterprise – to honestly assess the value we provide. To courageously listen if the intersection of our personal obsession and the marketplace need is worth paying money for.

What sucks is, we might realize that our past prosperity was nothing more than riding a bicycle downhill under the assumption that our legs are strong.

And if that’s the case, we may be forced to change lanes or, worse yet, get off the road.

On the other hand, we might use the recession to renew our resourcefulness. To reignite our creativity. And to give our business a much needed kick in the pants.

Point being, we have a choice.

And as long as we’re honest with ourselves, it will be the right one.

Stupid economy.

How has the economy changed the way you work?

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