Friday, March 09, 2012

Are You a One Trick Pony?

Art is an ongoing process of unsilenting ourselves.

If we want to make our name dear to history and give the future something to respect, we have to show the world our accumulated record, not just bits and pieces.

Everyone we meet needs to know everything we’ve done. And if they don’t, it’s our job to demonstrate the firepower of our creative arsenal. To help them taste the full scope of our artistic power.

When people ask me if I’m the guy who wrote the book on wearing nametags, I tell them I’m the guy who wrote a dozen books on wearing nametags. Not because I’m an arrogant jerk who needs to prove himself, but because I’m a working artist who needs to express himself.

As creators, it’s our responsibility make sure the people who know us, know the depth of our creation.

Without that reminder, without that timeline of credibility, we’re just another one-trick pony, winking in the dark.

Do people know what you've done?

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