Monday, March 19, 2012

Are You Diversifying Your Creative Approach?

Creativity isn’t hard.

It’s simply a matter finding the best path for us.

We can ingest substances that lower our inhibitions, enhance our creative flair and broaden our minds.

We can surround ourselves with creative, why-not-people whose artistic energies echo into our world.

We can expose ourselves to inspiring materials that disturb us to the point that we have no choice but to start creating something of our own.

We can displace ourselves physically to break traditional patterns and heighten our awareness to our surroundings.

We can build a stimulating environment that activates, taps into and heightens our sensory experience.

We can inhale everything we encounter as mental omnivores, building a bottomless reservoir of diverse ideas to fuel our artistic endeavors.

We can practice the art of solitude, isolating ourselves from the distractions of the world to better hear the voice of our hearts.

We can play the numbers, commit to laying a certain amount of creative track each day and build value through volume.

The point is, every path works. But the most successful artists, innovators and entrepreneurs are the ones who diversify their creative approaches, the ones who work from a combination of as many paths as possible.

Which creative paths will you choose?

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