Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Are You Afraid to Have an Imagination?

The last American author to win the Nobel Prize in Literature was Toni Morrison, for her renowned novel, Beloved.

That was twenty years ago.

Since then, not a single winner has come from this country.

I just discovered this during an interview with Alexander Nazaryan, a member of the New York Daily News editorial staff.

“American writers are encouraged to write from their perspective, to write what they know. And because of that, the vast majority of them are almost afraid of imagination. That, to me, is frightening, because many of our great works are founded on this immense leap of faith.

Something clicked that day. His comment crushed me like a ton of books, and I knew that I had to make a change in my creative life, for better and for always. Otherwise I’d just be just another writer without an imagination. A mechanic.

Since then, I’ve made tremendous strides in my work:

I starting using Contour, the story development software, to build outlines for future screenplays, comic books and other epic adventures.

I published The Nametag Manifesto, which reads like utopian narrative, envisioning a future in which everyone wears nametags, everywhere, forever.

I began The Scottany Soundtrack, a podcast with my girlfriend, which chronicles our life adventures and serves as a playground for human ridiculousness.

Best yet, each of these projects has kicked open creative doors to other artistic worlds. Ones I never would have gotten in touch with had I not reconnected with the purest, craziest and most essential parts of my creative soul. From music to poetry to cooking to yoga, all areas of my life are richer because of this decision to have an imagination.

And although I probably won’t win a Nobel Prize, I will win a more meaningful, more colorful and more inspired life.

Sure beats being a mechanic.

Are you afraid to have an imagination?

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