Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Spirit of Experimentation

The best way to have a good idea is to have a hundred bad ones.

It’s a painful process, especially if we’ve gotten accustomed to being good. But any seed to imagination, any ignition of pure creation, is not just healthy and safe, but practical and necessary.

First, it gives us perspective. It humbles our creative spirit. Second, bad ideas come in handy for other problems later. Nothing is ever wasted; every idea eventually finds a home. And finally, our process of experimentation helps create the elbow room for good ideas to emerge. All we have to do is listen.

In the decade I’ve worked as a freelancer, I’ve had thousands of bad ideas. Horrible ones. Bordering on embarrassing. Several of which were executed, poorly.

But out of that slush pile, I’ve also had maybe thirty or forty really, really good ideas. Ideas that spread, ideas that made money, ideas that made a difference. I believe there are no successes or failures, only the consequences of our experiments.

We can never lose that spirit. We owe it to our creative selves to set up a consequence free space for experimentation. A safe place where we can boldly fiddle our way to the truth.

Thanks to the web, the cost of doing so is approaching zero. We can run hundreds of experiments a day, if we want to.

But that’s the thing: We have to want to. It has to be important to us.

Otherwise, if we’re not trying things, every day, until we die, we’re not fully living.

How many experiments did you run yesterday?

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