Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Profitability of True Exclusivity

People don’t want duplicate happiness.

It’s only when we help them experience a joy they can’t have in other areas of their lives that we create a real, lasting and profitable connection. 

It’s only when we offer them a one-time, limited edition, never before/never again moment that actually captures their imagination, that we win their hearts forever.

It all depends on our embodiment of three powerful words:

And nowhere else.

True exclusivity.

Sun Studios offers this kind of joy to their session musicians. Anybody in the world can sit down in the most famous booth in the world, actually play music with the very instruments Elvis once used, and feel like real rock stars – if only for three and half minutes.

True exclusivity.

And nowhere else.

It’s rare, and that’s precisely why it’s remarkable.

What type of exclusivity does your brand offer?

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