Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Out With The Meh, In With The Amazing

It’s hard to turn down food when we’re really hungry.

Whether it's a down economy, a struggling enterprise or a lonely love life, desperate times activate the primal instinct to say yes to whatever satisfies our hunger.

So we settle. We give our love, our attention and our resources to the highest bidder, accepting opportunities that are more meh than they are amazing. And before we know it, mediocrity settles in like an unwelcome dinner guest.

I’ve had multiple periods of meh in my life, both personally and professionally. Turns out, even though it kept my heart afloat, kept my business churning and kept my ego from whining, meh ultimately left me feeling unfulfilled and resentful.

But thanks to a few honest jabs from a compassionate mentor, I made a decision.

Take a sledgehammer to as much mediocrity as possible.

So far, the pile of rubble is shaping up nicely.

What meh do you need to destroy?

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