Sunday, February 19, 2012

How Long Are You Willing to Stick Around?

I didn’t invent the nametag.

But I certainly took it farther than anyone expected it could go.

Myself included.

Either way, now it’s mine. I own it. Forever. Not just on the search engines, but anyone I meet will never think about a nametag the same way again. And that level of mindshare is a priceless asset. One that most companies would pay millions of dollars for.

The point is, we don’t have to be the first. We don’t even have to be the best.

We just have to refuse to go away.

Twenty years ago, Pearl Jam was just another garage band from Seattle. Sixty million albums later, when the rest of the plaid-wearing rockers had either overdosed, broken up or broken down, Eddie and the boys are the only surviving members of the early nineties grunge scene.

Because they refused to go away.

If we can be the last one standing, the only person or product or company or brand left after the rest of the world has fallen to the wayside, we win. If we can be patient and persistent enough to take something farther than anyone else would dare, no matter how often they ask, “So, how long do you plan on doing this?” we win.

It all depends on long we’re willing to stick around.

What does your performance provide?

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