Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are You Using Your Talents or Investing Them?

Freedom means finding a home for all of our talents.

Not hiding our light under a bushel, not asking for permission to shine, not waiting to be picked, not waiting to be paid, and not hesitating to take our talents on the ride they deserve.

Instead, allowing our entire portfolio of talents – tiny, titanic and in between – to have a more prominent place in our lives, regardless if the world approves.

Nobody epitomizes this more than Keller Williams. At any of his hundred concerts each year, audiences drool as he plays an average of twenty instruments per show, they marvel as he takes live digital looping to new levels and they cheer as he sings hilarious lyrics to improvised songs.

His life, his career and his fans prove that talent isn’t just a gift, it’s an asset.

Our job, not just as artists but as humans, is to invest it as aggressively, creatively and prolifically as possible, and never to feel guilty about having it or ashamed about expressing it.

Whitman said we contain multitudes.

It would be ashamed to watch it go to waste.

Are you using your talents or investing them?

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