Sunday, February 26, 2012

Customers Don't Know What They Want Until You Show Them

If we’re too busy listening to everybody, we’ll never hear the sound of our own voice.

Yet another great dilemma of the entrepreneur.

On one hand, we could listen to what people say they want. Do market research and focus groups until we’re blue in the face. And then launch something that predictably fits into their nice little box.

It’s the safe path that pleases people, satisfies their expectations and challenges the competition for a while.

On the other hand, we could figure out what people are going to want before they do. Give them what they don’t realize they need. And hope that they get to a point where they can’t live without it.

That’s the bold path that changes people, captures their imagination and erases the competition forever.

Steve Jobs rarely gave the customers what they wanted. He believed people didn’t know what they wanted until somebody showed them.

So he spent his career showing them.

And the entire world watched in awe.

What do you need to decide?

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