Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adventures in Nametagging:

“Acts of friendliness in moments of anonymity.”

That’s why I wear a nametag:

To invite people to join me, to remind the world that face to face is making a comeback and to create spontaneous moments of authentic human interaction infused with a spirit of humor, playfulness and connection.

And if a picture is worth a thousand words, a nametag is worth a thousand stories.

Here are my most recent adventures:

DAY 4,099: Today I met a guy at a party who asked why I was wearing a nametag. I told him I just moved to New York and didn't know anybody. He said, "I've lived here forever and I still don't know anybody!"

DAY 4,121: Today the bouncer at the door examined my driver's license and said, "I guess your name really is Scott." Then we discovered we were at the wrong bar.

DAY 4,122: Today my yoga instructor thanked me for wearing a nametag. She said it made her job easier. Then, during final meditation, she sang “The Greatest Love of All.” Man, I’m really going to miss Whitney Houston.

What's your nametag?

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