Monday, January 02, 2012

Never Curse An Emtpy Calendar

Our desire to perform is not reason enough for people to hire us.

If we’re not willing to do the work to sell the act, if we’re not willing to dedicate as much time – if not, more time – to finding an audience for the act, it doesn’t matter how good we are. It doesn’t matter how much we love it. We’re still winking in the dark.

We can't curse an empty calendar. After all, we alone control the amount of work we do. We alone determine how busy we are. If we’re not happy with how our schedule is shaping up, we ought to spend less time voicing our excitement for the work, and more time verifying people’s investment in the work.
That’s the only way we get the chance to do what we were born to do.

Because somebody, besides us, believes.

How does your calendar for 2012 look?

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