Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are You a Mole or a Peacock?

Every day we make art not knowing if we will get recognized or paid for it.

This is both a beautiful and terrifying reality.

On one hand, everything we create is an arrow shot into eternity. We’re just winking in the dark, without feedback, without closure and without metrics. It’s just us, our art and a heaping pile of trust. What a pisser.

On the other hand, the ambiguity makes us work that much harder. It forces us to create from the inside out, from the place where inspiration comes from what’s in our heart, not what the market is asking for. It’s where our joy comes from the work itself, not the impression it makes on the world. We’re moles, not peacocks.

Either way, our artistic commitment remains the same:

Show up, bear down and push something out into the world that matters to us.

What are you afraid to create?

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