Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Are You Forcing Intimacy or Accelerating It?

It’s not enough to just be amicable strangers.

I want to be friends with everyone, all the time, everywhere, forever.

That’s just me. I don’t have to warm up to people. I don’t have to get to know someone before we connect. I don’t have to wait until we’ve hung out six times before I start opening up.

I just jump right in. I reveal myself quickly, openly, honestly and respectfully. I don’t make small talk – make big talk. Immediately.

And most of the time, others reciprocate. People appreciate the willingness to cut the formalities and start connecting for real. With the exception of occasional weird looks, most people are cool with it.
The nametag is merely the entry point. The spark. The signal. And while it’s nothing grandiose, it’s proven to be a strong enough lever.

It doesn’t force intimacy – it accelerates it.

Not by false identification. Not by pretending to be everyone’s best friend. Not by memorizing a few pieces of personal information.

But by reducing the distance between people.

How do you do that?

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