Friday, September 09, 2011

What Audiences Want

People don’t want to learn.
People don’t want to work.
People don’t want to change.

They want to feel. They want to laugh. They want to be entertained. They want to be reminded how alive they are.

They want to watch your expression of a truthful metaphor for life. They want to see you think and feel the things they can’t express for themselves.

And they want to sit back, relax, watch you perform your special brand of magic, forget about life for a while, disappear into the experience and co-create a moment that lives in the hearts forever.
People don’t want more ideas.
People don’t want more tactics.
People don’t want more information.

They want blood. They want tension. They want humanity. They want convergence. They want self-revelation. They want stories that shake them.

They want universal human emotions that disturb them. They want to find the pulse of life in what you say. They want to respond to their own experience – not just yours.

And they want to watch narrative arcs that inspire them because they see a part of themselves reflected your human mirror.

Prepare your material accordingly.

What do your audiences want?

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