Friday, October 03, 2008

Grow Bigger Ears: Keeping People on Point

“Yeah, but what does that have to do with MY problem?”
“That has NOTHING to do with our discussion!”
“Oh yeah, that’s a REAL big a help!”

Ever overheard one of those lines in a nearby person’s conversation?

Kinda makes you cringe.

THE PROBLEM IS: Those phrases are reactions, not responses.

They immediately slam the door on future communication between two people.

When someone offers limited, short, weak or odd comments in a conversation, your job as The Listener is remain objective, not judgmental.

Less confrontation, more discovery.
Less accusation, more exploration.
Less assuming, more asking.

Here’s a list of Phrases That Payses to put this principle into action:

1. Can you think of a related example?
2. I don’t see the relationship between...
3. Tell me what you mean by the word…?
4. Can you say how your comment is related to…?

REMEMBER: Listening is about keeping people on point.

What's your best Listening Line?

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