Monday, September 15, 2008

Why hotel rooms are your ticket to creativity

A few weeks ago I missed my flight from Toledo to St. Louis.

I ended up staying in some dumpy hotel next to the airport, ordering a pizza, renting a movie and calling it a night.

I flew home the next morning.

This type of thing happens to me every so often. Maybe once a year.

And while it used to frustrate me, I’ve now come to realize an important truth:

Hotel rooms provide a sterile, neutral environment where your heart can sing loudly.

Nothing on the walls but whiteness.
Nothing on the desk but plainness.
Nothing on the bed but blankness.

Ah, the hotel room. A beautiful place to be creative!

It’s just you and … YOU.

A venue to constantly confront yourself, just BE, and just WRITE.


What unexpected venues heighten your creativity?

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