Thursday, September 04, 2008

To claw or not to claw?

My favorite Japanese saying is:

No aru taka wa tsume o kakusu.

“The strong falcon hides its claws.”

LESSON LEARNED: Overt demonstrations of strength suggest insecurity.

As Lao Tzu explains in The Tao De Ching:

“When you show your strength, you appear weak … when you conceal your power, the more effectively it can be used … when you make your advantage less obvious, the more effective you power becomes.”

This is about being a sleeper.
This is about being underestimated.
This is about being able to sort of “sneak up” on people.

Similarly, in the words of Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile, “Do not make obvious your advantages. Outward measures of a thing’s value hide its true worth. Instead, allow people see you as non-threatening, and your adversaries will offer no resistance.”

REMEMBER: Quiet strength wins.

Just ask Coach Dungy.

Do you (really) need to show your claws?

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