Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Be smart, but don’t be a smarty pants

That means not being so quick to prove people wrong.

That means not immediately jumping to offer your insight.

That means not (always) raising your hand first.

That means not (always) sharing your opinion on everything.

That means not (always) having THEE answer for everything.

That also means not pouncing on every pause in the conversation to insert all your clever little jokes and brilliant insights.

Let go of the need to prove how smart you are by always adding some super-intelligent comment or asking some super-tricky question.

In the words of The Tao of Leadership, “It is hard to lead when we try to be too clever. Too much cleverness undermines group harmony.”

REMEMBER: The listener controls. Speaking Less = Saying More.

Are you smart or a smarty pants?

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Scott Ginsberg
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