Friday, August 01, 2008

Three Words of Advice: Avoid

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Avoid agenda pushers.
Because they don’t listen very well.

Avoid comparison shoppers.
Because they’re probably buying on price, not value.

Avoid eye rollers.
Because that’s when people stop listening to you.

Avoid fitting in.
Because you will get noticed, get remembered and get business.

Avoid hideous headlines.
Because it’s not good for your brain (or your heart).

Avoid lumping indiscriminately.
Because it’s dangerous to compartmentalize every person you meet.

Avoid mass anythings.
Because ctucan TOTALLY tell.

Avoid mental censoring.
Because you’re burying some good stuff.

Avoid outdated frameworks.
Because they stop you from thinking.

Avoid self-satisfied contentment.
Because you’ve never arrived and there ain’t no finish line.

Avoid stale eyes.
Because they miss all of the nuances, anomalies and patterns that lead to breakthroughs.

Avoid stock phrases.
Because customers can TOTALLY tell.

Avoid telegraphing interest.
Because it projects a needy, seeking attitude.

What do you always avoid?

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