Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Take ownership of your words

“People seem to think…”
“Someone told me that…”
“They say we shouldn’t…”
“I’ve heard everyone saying…”

No. Unspecified attribution isn’t going to cut it.

People want to know what YOU think. What YOU believe. What YOU say.

LESSON LEARNED: Take ownership of your words.

It’s more confident.
It’s more persuasive.
It’s more approachable.

So, next time you feel yourself slipping into the Unspecified Abyss, save yourself with these Phrases That Payses:

o As I remember it
o As I see it
o Here’s what I think…
o It seems to me...
o I believe…
o My point of view is...
o My preference would be...
o The way I see it is…

REMEMBER: There is no “They.” Only you.

Are you taking ownership of your words?

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Scott Ginsberg
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