Thursday, April 24, 2008

What do YOU differentiate through?

Maybe you differentiate through … your service.

By making it quick.
By making it unexpectedly responsive.
By making the mundane into memorable.

Like Nashville’s Hotel Preston, which, instead of just a bible, offers a choice of 10+ religious books to ANY guest who asks.


Maybe you differentiate through … your diagnosis.

By noticing new patterns.
By challenging people to reexamine their assumptions.
By seeing what others can’t see because they’re too close to it.

Like my friend Dr. Thomas, who believes ALL illnesses are stress-related.

True that.

Maybe you differentiate through … your questions.

By asking them at the right time.
By peppering them with the right words.
By asking the questions nobody’s ever been asked before.

Like my mentor Richard, who asks provocative questions like, “Now, was that what she SAID; or was that your INTERPRETATION of what she said?”


Maybe you differentiate through your answers.

By surprising people.
By always having more than one.
By offering counterintuitive responses that come out of left field.

Like Henry, the bellman I used to work with, who always answered the question, “How are you?” with “Everything is beautiful!”


Maybe you differentiate through … your philosophy.

By knowing it cold.
By writing on a little card and giving it everybody you meet.
By believing, saying, doing, and of course, BEING that philosophy daily.

Like my kindred spirits @ Brains on Fire, who refuses to label itself as a “Marketing,” “Branding” or “PR” company; but rather as an “Identity” company.

Hell yes.

What do you differentiate through?

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