Friday, January 18, 2008

37 Things (Not) to Do This Year

1. Don’t accuse, inform.

2. Don’t exist, live.

3. Don’t hear, listen.

4. Don’t hype. Appear.

5. Don’t inform, form.

6. Don’t jump, pause.

7. Don’t listen, understand.

8. Don’t look, observe.

9. Don’t memorize, prepare.

10. Don’t perform, satisfy.

11. Don’t read, observe.

12. Don’t sell, solve.

13. Don’t solve, dissolve.

14. Don’t talk, do.

15. Don’t think, react.

16. Don’t think, reflect.

17. Don’t touch, feel.

18. Don’t write, transmit.

19. Don’t advertise your importance.

20. Don’t be a flat person.

21. Don’t be typecast.

22. Don’t say you don’t know.

23. Don’t cheap out on design.

24. Don’t (over) actively listen.

27. Don’t get right down to business.

28. Don’t overuse techniques.

25. Don’t ask too many questions.

26. Don’t use assumptive, vague language.

29. Don’t force familiarity.

30. Don’t be so goal oriented..

31. Don’t criticize imperfections.

32. Don’t memorize your speech, prepare your speech.

33. Don’t proofread thoughts.

34. Don’t unload everything.

35. Don’t let them catch you acting.

36. Don’t count on your audience to connect the dots.

37. Don’t do things FOR anyone or anything. Just do them.

What do you encourage people (not) to do?

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