Thursday, December 13, 2007

14 (Random) Keepers to Mold Your Melon, Secure Sales and Build Boundaries

Every have a bunch of random thoughts you need to get out of your brain and onto the page?

Me too.

So, here's a list of 14 things I've been thinking about lately. Bon appetit!

1. Always think on paper.
2. Art comes through you, not from you.
3. Do everything creatively.
4. Do experiments everywhere.
5. Let experiences change you.
6. Premature organization stifles creative generation.

7. Customers become comfortable when YOU are comfortable.
8. The goal is to get them to learn it on their own.
9.. The listener controls.
10. Everything communicates something.
11. Foster customer activity.
12. Other people who do what you do have already miseducated your customers.
13. Help people get beyond their misconceptions.

14. Recognize threats to your ownership.

What are your three random thoughts of the day?

Post them here! (Also email them to me at - I'd love to hear from ya!)

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