Friday, September 07, 2007

Make your mind your friend

1. Hang with it. Keep daily appointments with yourself. Clear it. Set aside time to just think. Encourage your mind to get better by doing creativity exercises.

2. Feed it. Read more books; watch less TV. Go for more walks. Exercise rhythmically for 30 minutes a day to flood it with endorphins and expand its idea-generating prowess. Have regular conversations with super-smart, creative people.

3. Listen to it. Figure out what it’s trying to tell you. Write every single day. Do Morning Pages. Listen to your intuition. When you get a bad feeling, act upon it.

4. Understand it. Learn how you learn. Learn how you think. Take several personality, learning style and action style assessments. Clarify your philosophies and policies.

5. Relax it. Meditate daily. Oxygen = Wonderful. Flood it with positive affirmations. Do breathing exercises. Take breaks every 50 minutes.

How do you make your mind your friend?

Share your best techniques here!

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Scott Ginsberg
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