Friday, August 17, 2007

The Nametag Guy's 600th Post Spectacular!

Today is a very special day.


Which means I've been at this blogging thing for about five years. (If you're trying to do the math, I didn't use to post every day like I do now.)

Anyway, I can honestly say, blogging is one of the best things (if not THEE best thing) I've ever done for my business. Ever.


Well, this would be a really long post if I tried to explain all the reasons.

But I think mainly, blogging has afforded me the opportunity to create, meet, build community for and have conversations with my fans.

God, it's so weird to think that I have fans.

2,480 days ago when I slapped on my very first nametag, I NEVER could have guessed THIS would be the result.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: thank you.

THANK YOU ... to all the people who share their comments, stories and opinions on this blog. Your feedback motivates me.

THANK YOU ... to all the people who share link love on their blogs. Your WOM honors me.

THANK YOU ... to all the people who write emails, expressing their gratitude for what they've learned by reading this blog. Your letters make me smile.

THANK YOU ... to all the people who actually implemented the things they learned on this blog. Your letters make me jump up and smile!

THANK YOU ... to all the people who write me hatemail. Your (interestingly) anonymous hatred keeps me on my toes, and of course, makes me laugh.

And lastly...

THANK YOU ... to anybody who's EVER read a single post on this blog in the past five years. Your support keeps me sane. As a writer, it sucks when you stick your stuff out there, only to have nobody read it.

Therefore, I, Scott Ginsberg, hereby declare that for as long as I possibly can, I will continue to post valuable, practical and fun ideas on this blog (that you can actually apply to your businesses and lives) ... every single day.

If you're reading this post...

If you've read ANY post...

I love you.

You make getting up every morning at 5 AM worthwhile.

Here's to 600 more posts!

When was the last time you thanked your fans?

Go on your blog right now, and do it. They deserve it.

* * * *
Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag

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