Saturday, June 09, 2007

10 different approaches for your 10-second commercial

It’s the most frequently asked question, like, ever.

“So, what do YOU do?"

So many answers, so little time.

THE CHALLENGE: coming up with a memorable, concise and brand-consistent message.

However, there’s no one-way to do it! Let’s explore ten different approaches to answering this question.

1. The Lois Creamer Approach
“I work with (target market) who want to (desired outcome) so they can (benefit).”


“So, what do YOU do?”

“I work with small business owners who want to increase productivity so they can spend more time their families.”

2. The Dick Brusso Approach
“I help (target market) accomplish (desired outcome) through (media through which you help achieve that outcome).”


“So, what do YOU do?”

“I help hotel chains boost their customer service numbers through online training programs.”

3. The John Jantsch Approach
“I (verb) (target market) (benefit).”


“So, what do YOU do?”

“I educate furniture salespeople on closing techniques.”

4. The Gitomer Approach

Just say something funny and confident.


“So, what do YOU do?”

“I’m the greatest valet parker in the world!"

5. The Paul Edwards Approach
(Common Problem) + (Reason Why) + (Positioning Statement)


“So, what do YOU do?”

“You know how marathon runners’ backs always hurt after a long jog? Well, that’s because their vertebrae are out of sync. See, I’m a chiropractor and I help marathon runners get their bones back into shape so they can break their personal running records!”

6. The Joke Approach
Say something unexpected and funny to disarm the situation, then follow-up with a real answer.

“So, what do YOU do?”

“As little as possible!”

(Insert gut-busting laughter here.)

“But seriously, my job is to…”

7.The Steve Hughes Approach

Just pretend you’re talking to a five year old.

EXAMPLE: “So, what do you do?”

“I help grown-ups get better at show and tell!”

8. The Benefit of the Benefit Approach
I make (target market) (benefit of the benefit)


“So, what do YOU do?”

“I make customers breathless.”

9. The Jeff Magee Approach
I do three things…


“So, what do YOU do?”

I do three things: write books, give speeches and conduct teleseminars on how to expand your creativity.

10. The Scott Ginsberg Approach
(“Huh?”) + (Value Statement) + (“Aha!”)

“I wear a nametag 24-7!”

“Huh? Are you serious?”

“Yep! And I write books, speeches and training materials on approachability.”

“Ohhhhh,” she nodded. “I get it. Cool! We should hire you.”

Yes. Yes you should. Here's my fee schedule ;)

What's your approach to the 10-second commercial?

Share your formula here!

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